#Shubhamtransforms me.

Thank you Shubham of Muscles And Wellness for this unbelievable transformation for a decent price!
In a span of 2.5 months I went from 56kilos to 50kilos! Body fat percentage went down from about 27% to 20%!
It started with seeing Harshad's transformation posts and learning about his company. I chose Shubham as my mentor I guess because he was a mechanical engineer. I only signed up to lose a little bit of weight but mostly to say goodbye to my tummy, eat healthy and feel fit.
Shubham made the process very smooth of slowly getting me used to this new routine.
Not once did he let me starve, he literally helped make diet easy! He gave me simple exercises for the gym and motivated me to not give up! I felt like I became far more efficient in what I was eating and how I was working out!
Then there were days I’d want to cheat! And some of those days Shubham would plan and actually let me! And the other days he reminded me of what we were looking to achieve and my cravings would disappear right then.
When I would go out with my friends, I would say no to the junk ordered no the table. Once they offered a dessert and I just didn’t feel like having a bite. It’s a miracle how once you start to eat clean, you don’t feel good mentally and physically to eat otherwise. Shubham has been an inspiration.
The raw ingredients were always measured gram by gram and it challenged me to cook something new everyday @foodie.moozicfreak. Even though it seemed like a whole lot of work, it wasn’t as much and it was totally worth it.
Somewhere in the middle of it I actually began to fit in my jeans from 5 years ago! I am so impressed by Shubham’s ‘right amount of confidence’ and amazed by the difference he has made to me, I know I had made the right choice when a few weeks after signing up for this mentorship program I couldn’t stop talking about his work to everyone around me.
And now that it’s been over a month since i completed this program, as Shubham assured, it hasn’t gone downhill post the diet like other programs. Now there are days when I eat like crazy, I put on a tummy and gain a kilo here and there but the next day or the day after that it’s all gone. He’s left me in a place where I don’t feel the need to hire a mentor anymore. I now feel like eating clean and staying fit.
Since I have successfully transformed I can confidently say he’s a promising mentor all you have to do is trust him and you ll be where you truly believe you want to be.


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