This little 9th grader speaks.

My opinion For Today's Riots.
Let's read about the effects of todays riots in J. B. Vachha High School. At about 12.00 noon suddenly a few parents came and started picking up the children from school. To reduce panic, teachers wouldn't tell us what was happening. But our confused faces guessed the worst that could ever happen! Other parents were called to pick up their kids. But most of the parents were already at work in their offices spread out accross the city. How are these parents supposed to get their kids back home safely?  There was a big havock in the school. There are eighteen office bearers in our school belonging to the ninth and the tenth standards and I'm one of them. Parents gave their Children's names to the peons and office bearers and they went class to class hunting for the students. We were simply running up and down the school premises. All tired and also getting the kids too calm down and stop tehm from crying. They were totally worried about how they were going to reach home. This was the most hectic and nightmarish day for all of us. Should this be are future? We are just 14 and fifteen year olds.
Why do people do unneccesary things like burning staues of people? And what do these people even get after doing this? As it is there are fights somewhere or the other in our nation, state, district or house. We school children learn about National Unity in Civics. These people are just disrupting the Unity of our country. How can we ever have natonal unity like this? I wonder what people even get after doing useless stuff like this!
Okay! Even if some person put something on Dr. Ambedkar's statue. Why are people physically protesting for it by throwing stones and participating in these riots? I'm sure there are better peaceful and making-you-more-aware techniques. These are just putting red signals in everyone's daily schedule. The urban life gets upset. People in Bombay are running from one end of the city to another! People are hurrying for meetings, their jobs and so on.
And thus, creating more rivalry and ruining our nation! These people are doing nothing but troubling people. And I'm sure the culprits are illiterate and are being paid to do this. These culprits must immediately put behind bars, so that they will never do this again. these people must be severely punished and made to understand that what they are doing is absolutely wrong. That is one of the major ways out country can progress. 


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