Flash the lights. Let it shine. Cause here comes Refulgence'12.

That one week, it was. 
The best week of the year.
The first fest of the year in college into making.
The big show into making.
The Refulgence Smit'12 into making.

We brake. We build.
We make things better.
We make a better fest each year.
We did it once again.

It is that time, that i wait for through the year.
It is that, that I give my whole into, without thinking.
It is that, that I love doing.
It is that, where the good always returns to me.


I EMCEEed for VBD's rap.
I EMCEEed for The Battle of Bands.
I EMCEEed extempore to keep the crowd engaged before the bands came up.
At each step it got bigger and better.
It was the best weekend ever.


As I look back even today.
It automatically brings a bright smile on my face.
I miss every moment of it.
And I love everything about this picture.

Thank you to whoever clicked it.
Thank you to whoever was a part of the EMCEE.
Thank you to whoever was a part of Refulgence'12.

Thank you to whoever had inspired and encouraged me.
The crowd.
The seniors.
The teachers.

And Im saying this for the third time.
When you do something.
Just do it.
Without thinking.
Cause trust me.
It does Wonders!


aditi gajaria said…
happy to be a part oh that :D

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