28 Days of Change

At HMI, we worked as per schedule including workout, training, lectures, movies and library hours. We literally ate, drank, slept, lived mountaineering.
Course Director Sir - Kausang Sherpa was a five time Mt. Everest Summitter and the first ever to climb it from all three sides. Hearing his stories and watching the movie on Everest, made climbing the peak look so much simpler and doable.
On my Tiger Hill 22km rehearsal, my shoulder already hurt because of my rucksack. I believe the 7km was easy but the slopes took down my knees. I was thankful for the upcoming bus ride to Yoksum.
After 7 days at HMI campus, we trekked from Yoksum to Chourikhag - Base camp which proved us the real deal, bang opposite to our thoughts.
Yoksum-Bakhim affected my knees tremendously. Bakhim-Dzongri made it so difficult to breathe because of the height gain. Dzongri-Chourikhag was the same apart from the mountain clouds, hail and rain.
Every moment the negativity would start cutting into my mind like a sharp knife, asking me to stop and give up. And then like a scissor, the positivity would struggle to cover up and outgrow it. It was indeed a tough live battle, going on in my mind.
The breathing exercise would help. I would try and not stop but the knee would just break it the rhythm.
Later as the snow clad mighty mountains came into my sight, they pumped up my energy, and that made me go on.
Finally at Chourikhag, the four day siege came to an end.
And all the time we fought this war, the us vs the path, the instructors glided through it, so easily.
And thats when I realised their extensive experience and I knew the next remaining days I had so much more to learn.
And without such senior mentors, none of the 33 women would have made it through the memorable 170kms, 28 days and from 5000ft to 16200ft.


Anonymous said…
hey good one heena...i couldnt read everything...but i will find time to do that...:D dhanya
Anonymous said…
Change!!! Must have been hell of a time. I really hope that you make it pro! And that i am sure you will.
Arvind said…
Congratz !..Exciting stuff.. great courage.. never let it goo..
Siddhanth said…
Oh so it was b'cos of this..... anyways the thrill was worth risking. Keep on with that spirit!

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