2012 - End of Days - A myth or a fact.

Just how the visuals of 2012 unveiled the weather changes and disasters proving the fact that the end of days is indeed in 2012, its mirror happens to be in the real world as well.
Going back to 2009 in Mumbai, there was just no hope of rain in non monsoon seasons nor in 2010. But in 2011, it rained heavily in January, a pure winter month.
These minor instances are drawing attention to major ones.
inspite of Japan being one of most technologically advanced nations, it encountered the 8.9 magnitude Earthquake. That was not it. It affected other nations around the Pacific Ocean in the form on Tsunamis and Earthquakes. It also broke down the nuclear power plants in Japan. The tremendous earthquake lead to climates differences and unexpected rainfall spreading the chemicals from the nuclear bursts all over the neighboring continents.
This reminds us, that this reign will go on, win over the human's advances bringing the world down with the Mayan Calendar.

Published in the Smitsonian'11


Arvind said…
good article. hope this thought will make aware of how sensitive our world is...
CRiTiC Minds said…
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Shahenshah Jaffri said…
Well, abrupt climatic changes, calamities and natural disasters are not new to this planet..

I'm not being naive, but the 2012 thing, I cannot say for sure but i think it was hyped more for the publicity of the movie.

As for the Mayan Calender, i don't know why they stopped there, but I would be more worried about Nostradamus's prophecy than the Mayans.

Taking science and technology into consideration, some reports said that NASA confirmed the event, but they also promised the sightings of planet Nibiru(the troublemaker) in May 2011, but no soul witnessed the event. I'm not sure we can trust NASA, especially after the Moon conspiracy !!

I guess we'll have to wait till 2012 Dec to see what actually happens, but personally, the issue does not bother me at all. Earth has many more pressing matters to deal with, even if the world ends next year ;)

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