Looking back at when we first met...?

Lookin back at when we first..
I cannot escape.. and i cannot forget.. :)

Those lyrics start ringing through my head.. as i think of my '2010'.

We all had a personalized year, just how we wanted, just how the 'secret' does its work :D

I look back through the year..

January I started working at Vidyalankars, got the fanpages together.
February, the beach trip to Phuket. A great time with my aunt and parents. Endless tanning, non veg and family time :D.
February, Abhinavs wedding and the mad north trip with ppl 2/3rd my age ;P my trek friends. One of the 2 weddings iv genuinely attended and not for the food ;P. The midnight compartment changes and the cold made it a trip to be remembered.
March, ofcourse my Birthday, turned an adult, dont think that mentally made a difference :D treated my besties after a long time. Began driving :D
April, Starting working on my Enat, sent my apps.
May, June appeared for the Enat, messed up MIT but made it up for SMIT, a place i always wanted to be in :D
June/ July worked for Senior Madam's Phd typing and little research. :D
July, officially got into SMIT, 16th to get into Mechanical Engineering, Nailed it. Moved to my dreamland.
July, August, September : New people, new place, new hangouts, new messed up shit, new results, new addiction, new air, new scene, so much new! Won Tech Panache :D
October: The first time ever i was outta college and i missed it so much. The 7th country - Bhutan added to my list. Saw the Kanchendzonga, a virgin peak, and so inspired.
November, December: A new room, new roommate, new people, new fun, more movies, new scores, new phase, 1st Sems, a better life. :D
December: Surprises, Kolkata and Mumbai. Still stuck in the year, in this city. Missingment. Enough of the fancy food. Waiting to head back. The mess food awaits as well. And i cant get over the new place :) Kickass results :D

2010 in summary : AWESOME! Adventure less :/ Complicated. So much experience. I thank u all :)

2011: Goals set. Plans created. Just awaited, to be implemented :D
Hoping for a better year, a more my kinda year :D


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