Im gonna miss you soo...

.. well so i realised this thought so deserves a blog!

I gonna miss the food - faley, momos, aloo chura, wai wai, chowmein, butter naan.
and the sad mess food.
The craving for extra sweets and cakes.
The cat climbing on my bed.
Endless gossip girl.
Late night movies and coffee.
Experimenting with wai wai.
Hand washing clothes.
The ice chilled water.
My lovely teesta.
The inspiring green mountains.
The hanging bridge.
The Semesters.
The Physics Cycle.
The Cold.
The last minute xeroxes.
The Hut.
The hours at wardens office for internet.
The craving for good food.
Skipping number of meals at a stretch.
The New people Ive met.
The old ppl i know.

Im gonna miss it all..

... Of course till im back again :D


zubuntu said…
dnt wry,b4 u know it ull b back. u still got 3yrs. live every bit of it gal.
Seema Shah said…
Wow, a very good set of expressions!

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