Welcome SMIT :)

Off faded my frown
as I moved into my dream town
The green trees paved the way
The blue clear skies made my day.

I entered Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology
My head with a whole well planned psychology
Being here is all I ever wanted
SMIT was in my head, happily haunted.

Mechanical Engineering was the plan
In Sikkim, here I was leaving behind my clan
Sports Equipment designer is what I wanted to be
In my near future, that’s all I see.

I pick a seat in the football field
I leave all my worries to yield
I relax, reverberate, refresh myself
I feel the peace, bliss and solace just like an elf.

The panaromic scenery does it all
It makes me lose myself and play football
The late evenings and clear dark skies
The spotlights and the million flies.

Up the mountains come the homes
In the night make me feel like I’m in planetarium domes
As the homes light up
And the stars come down.. yup!

In the college hours
So often the lectures are like sours
So our eyes begin to pout
As for the beautiful view outside they pop out

The waterfall and the river
The hot heat and the cold shiver
The weather here drastically shifts
As days and nights change their shifts.

The wonderful different people I’ve come across
Its like I have won every single coin toss
The almost-like-me-yet-unique friends I’ve made
In my life you’ve definitely awesomely invade.

A little SMIT-ian girl’s case
“The smile on her face
The Truth in her eyes”
(As she writes all of this.)
Since she has happily waved her home goodbyes.


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