*Protecting our Environment

A merge of my 2 old poems but this one still differs, so do check it out! :)

How beautiful is the environment!
Where we share our joie de vire
With the playful animals
And the green trees
In the woods they go woo-wee!

Let's visit the forest sometime
And gaze at out mother nature
Hear the trickling crystal clear water
Listen to the bird's cheerful songs
And look out for our Father's hidden treasure

Between the flowers,
The fluttering pretty butterflies.
During the night,
The sparkling shiny fireflies.
There is so much more to watch out for
When we open wide our environment's door!

I'm sure you've read The Jungle Book
And been inspired by every corner and nook
Come one, come all I say,
Let's protect our environment, right away!

But this protection won't be possible
If poor animals and fishes nibble
The garbage thrown by us everywhere
And get their throats to choke and tear.
So we must use the dustbin,
for disposing thrash and save them!

"Save forests to save Rivers and Tigers"
When saving trees,
Don't forget the forests that you're saving,
Including the rivers and the wildlife in it!
Ultimately you're saving our Environment!

So "In the future grow more trees,
And make the world pollution free!"
You've heard that!
But why not?
"NOW, Gift your coming generation every tree
And make their life and environment pollution free!"


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