*My Farewell Poem

To my prestigious institution, respected principal , teachers and my fellow batchmates! :)

As I count on,
Thirteen years have passed,
seems like they've gone,
way too fast!
Remember all the fun?
The pranks we played as one?
The fantastic things done?
They'll never be forgotten!
Infant, primary and secondry,
Most of us have spent in this dome,
our most important decade of our life,
schools been equivalent to our home!
We've learnt everything here,
our eticates, discpline and rules,
through the past thirteen years,
Credits go to our school!
Its tough to leave our home,
Difficult to wave goodbye,
But thats what we moan,
Giving back a goodluck hi5!
Last day of school,
Realised that times over,
Wasn't really cool,
To hear its all done forever!
Gonna miss you guys,
completely, totally,
And X's going to remain,
always immortal!

X will remain X,
as we leave our footprints behind,
in the sands of time!
..sands of time!


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