*One wet fresh green day and One dark cold drizzling night

One Wet Fresh Green Day :)

One Dark Cold Drizzling Night.

I pick up my pencil and some left over page

Start to pen down my thoughts as I look through my window’s cage

The air is gently receiving a touch of cold

Its letting my arms comfortably fold

Just like how the summer is swiftly going down

And the summer's suns shining smile is fading into a frown

The light drizzles with a few heavy downpours

Takes me all the way back to the maharashtrian folklores

The rain is back means lord ganeshas back

The beautiful wonderful weather is finally back on track

All of these bring so much peace to me

Small rain drops on fresh leaves of blossomed trees amidst the smoky fog is what I begin to see

I start singing the famous ‘Rain drops on roses and whiskers of kittens,

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens..’

This is how I end expressing the thoughts from my mind

Now im going back to bed, to watch dreams that make my life crazily wind.


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