Crime hits London.

A directed writing task I wrote for school, a long time ago. :)

London had hit the news all over the world. London was covered with terrible five feet snow. This kind of a winter has never taken over London in the past fifty years. Schools, day care centres, offices and so on remained shut for a week. People stayed indoors. Some who took the risk of moving out and driving, injured themselves or lost their lives. Temperatures had dropped to negative twenty degrees Celsius. The fog had taken over the rule of the city. Nothing was visible beyond half a metre. Everything wa pitch white. Cut literally pitch black. taking advantage of this weather, criminals were on the move. They were accustomed t carrying the laest technology and gizmos. These helped them see beyond kilometres breaking through the fog. For these criminals, there was nothing called 'this killer winter.' They were the killers now. Kidnp cases, robberies, and stabbing cases had taken the dath toll to fifty in the first 2 day. The famous serial killer Paulo contributed to this. His area was Kingston and people rather stayed indoors then even thing of moving out.
Paulo started his first moce as soon as this miserable weather struck. He stabbed a sixty year old lady for an expensive necklace. He made her smll a poisonous gas which made her unconscious, not allowing her to scram for help. A passerby found her objecting his way while walking and reported the police about this and it hit the news.


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