A 26/11 attack speech..

Another directed writing task for school.. a speech which is suppsed to be left abrupt..

My dear people, today's attacks at the Taj, Oberoi-Trident, Nariman House and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus have blown are minds. It is the worst attack that has ever takn place in our city Mumbai.
Every other year, there is an attack or a bomb blast, Mumbai may be standstill for a few minutes and then moves on again.. and again. The Bombay Stock Exchange and other 1992 blasts, the local train blast at Mumbai in 2007 have moved Mumbaikars n. next day, the BSE is on in full swing and so are the local trains. commuters are back, travelling to places around the city in Mumbai;s lifeline. But this sixty two hour fun battle shocked Mumbai.. It woke up Mumbai.. It shook Mumbai.. It brought Mumbai to a stop.
That is what these terrorists have always wanted. They have never given up their hope. But if we give them their want they'll do it again and again and again. We, Mumbaikars must move on. We mustn't let them take over us.. Win over us. This is our city. They have no right to take control over us. W mustn't keep quiet at the same time. But fight back. Though, not fight back like them. But fight back silently. Stay alert! Stay calm! Report suspicious objects! We together can make a difference.. can bring about a change.. We all can learn from this unfortunate disaster.


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