You climb or you dont climb, the bell rings and off goes your BEST bus! :@

Best is the second best transport system in the world after London and the best in Asia.
Its service is fantastic but it lacks one thing.

It’s that one thing everyone has to be made aware off:
You climb or you dont climb, the bell rings and off goes your BEST bus! :@

Today, unfortunately all BEST bus conductors and drivers are not ensuring safety!
The conductor rings the bell before you can step into the bus.
Or the conductor rings the bell when you just put one step up stairs and if you can’t handle that you're off the bus!
The bus drivers have the front left mirror to ensure passengers have climbed in and then only start the bus.
They at times even begin the bus before the last person can get off and he actually gets of a moving bus!
I’ve been through many such experiences and noticed others going through them.
These could risk lives in plenty. (If you see the number of BEST buses that run in our city)

I’ve been through 3 major incidents (where I have noted the bus details):
One happened when I just managed to climb in from santacruz at about 9:51. I just managed to step in. As I got in I told him that what he did wasn’t good. Instead he answered back saying that I’ll take care off if something happens. Apart from that he said he'd take the victim to the hospital (My thought: SO is he going to wait till the commuter is injured till he’s taken for treatment). Final resort I had was to tell him I'd take this issue to the press. He simply back answered and replied saying sure thing. Please bring a photographer along. He mentions later that I began the bus early because the passengers exceeded the ideal number. (My thought: Doesn’t mean you start of the bus early and get your commuters injured.) This really got me angry and I gave a written complaint to the Shivaji Park Bus depot. After 2 months I received a letter from the Best officials which called me to the Santacruz bus depot for a case. The inquiry manager, the bus conductor and I they gave our statements. (My thought: YES! they do something)
The second one took place when against I just managed to get on the bus from adarsh nagar. The conductor didn’t respond to my request to start the bus after passengers get in. When mentioned to the driver we kindly agreed.
The third one took place on Jan 9th at 6.57, there were quiet a lot of us climbing into the bus. The conductor rang the bell before I could climb in and I’m surprised the driver didn’t do anything about it. I missed my bus. I have its details too.

So here’s why I created this:
It’s our bus service. We pay for it.
Government says use Best. Save fuel. Less pollution. How about taking care of lives?
I'm tired of this. How many times do we complain?
People need to beware. So spread the word. Invite as many.
BEST needs to act now. It’s high time!

Raise your voice (comment) now! Let’s help ourselves from falling off the bus and let’s help BEST become the best transport system in the world.

You can also support by joining the group on facebook linked .

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
hey this is very true...i completely agree to this...we should do somethins...take action.....u r doin a great job by trying to spread this awareness among people...carry on..
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you. Its very risky these days to travel by best because people are practically falling out of the buses due to lack of concern shown by the conductors. You are doing a great job by spreading this among people. Best Of Luck .. !!
Anonymous said…
ofcourse. what you're doing is very good. we have to do something about this ever rising threat to our lives. hope you succeed. all the best! and i'm bang on to this!
Anand said…
Hey Heena, sorry for the delay in response. Was travelling.
I completly am with you on this issue. Yes it is we who can make the difference by registering our protest. So we must do so time and again whenever we see this kind of callousness.
The problem is that we come across such ruthless high handedness everywhere and wonder how often can you complain and if it will make any difference at all.
But there is no shortcut.
So keep protesting and hope for a better tomorrow for ourselves and for the generations to come. Good luck !!
Anonymous said…
i totally agree with u....truly the BEST are adding a threat to the people travelling by bus...and u are doing a great job spreading awareness about it..hope u suceed....Best of luck!!!
moozicfreak said…


Spoken to Mr. Tamboli, PRO, BEST. (Got to send him a mail.)

Spoken to Hindustan times reporter.


Mailed Mr. Tamboli, PRO, BEST.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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