When nostalagia grabs you worse then a tsunami..

I’m nostalgic today… so here is everything.. Pouring right from my heart..


Nursery.. not a day when ive entered mrs. Nadirshas class without crying..

Junior kg.. Playing on the slides in class, the clips mrs. Kutayun gave us on her birthday.

Senior kg.. Telling mrs. Gazdar and class about my trip to koyna..

1st grade.. mrs. Bhatia..

2nd grade.. my all time favorite mrs. Menezes, class leaders rhea and zarah would keep sliding off the wall, the day saloni and my seats got changed..

3rd grade.. mrs. Shepherds killer dictations and tables, singing the spaghetti sing converted for my birthday..

4th grade.. lucky to get my all time favourite teacher back, the day khushnazs mother came to school to tell us she was leaving for Bahrain..

5th grade.. doing supandi for mrs. Lobo on teachers day, mrs. Prabhus slap, playing stop and party with my seniors..

6th grade.. mrs. Gandhi teaching us king Arthur in English, climbing the roof, discussing westlife in the bus with vrusha, talking to pranita class to class next door, the phone thing with and mrs. ramanathan..

7th grade.. mrs. Naiks stars idea, playing the tape in class and dancing around, the long breaks, the fresh wind, singing loudly during breaks, sanea being our class leader, drawing khushnazs portrait which was nothing on a page..

8th grade.. sleeping for the first time for 45 mins in mrs. Chiniwalas English lecture when she was teaching shredni vaster and when I woke up astonished, hearing good morning everywhere, singing switch and whats going on? With khushnaz, siddhi and ruchis murder stories, the 9 to twelve shows, mrs. Vishwanathans fun times at literary activity class..

9th grade.. singing avril with pracheeta, the prank on delshad by everyone at the camp, pissing of mrs. Gude, bunking hindi and science lectures, the march past, the assnt captainship, the last week strike, the day I started to love my class – the day they all stood up for the office bearers, singing the crappiest of songs and imitating teachers, singing all day long for teachers day, annual day practice..

10th grade.. sleeping, studying, annoying ayushi, prachi and phagun off, the extra class prank, the screwed up farewell, sneaking in cameras, slam books and school shirts..


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