*Malshej 1200 ft rappelling

Rappelling reminds me of two places:

Naneghat and Malshej,

But this time was Malshej,

1200 feet in 2 days,

4 hours from Mumbai,

Midnight crazy drive,

Hours halt at khulbi,

Where we slept in a village school,

The weather being super cool

Waking up to Arun sir’s whistle,

Trekking to the base in the light drizzle,

8 am Ice cold idli and hot tea,

Really made my tummy glee,

Then came the rappelling,

On the rope I was dangling,

Landed well and heard from Swapnil,

“Heena you did good rappelling!”,

I controlled the first patch,

That was my first catch,

Then came the second patch,

250 feet of actual rappelling,

Tiring yea,

Awesome YEAH!,

Controlled until eve,

Until everyone was down.

That was a plateau landing,

Done with 600 feet for that day,

Hungry for Suresh’s mouth watering food,

Filled our empty stomach with the good,

The stars were up,

The moon wasn’t up,

With the beautiful sight,

On that wonderful night,

Next to the waterfall, mountains,

All of us dozed off to sleep,

6.00 am dot on a cloudy Sunday morning,

To wake us up, Arun sir was whistling,

Freshened and answered the natures calls,

All ready to climb down the walls,

3rd patch was an overang,

And some of us would go bang,

Controlling again,

Got a chocolate for hanging aakash,

And pleasure for hanging deepa , hehe,

4th patch of 250 feet,

Was the best part of the 1200 feet,

Slippery wall ,

Which last time gave me a good lil fall,

Went well this time,

I hope its this way every time,

Controlled it, finally,

Some came a lil diagonally,

5th patch and the last,

One is sure to have a blast,

I attached participants to the rope,

Friendship, normal and cat paw knots,

After sending all of them,

Time for manjit and me came,

Not to get wet was my first aim,

So jayant sir sent a special message,

“Heena got stuff, don’t get her wet”,

But people aint that way,

Getting me wet made some’s day ;)

As I landed in water,

The smiles had begun to grow,

I explained to myself,

“you were saved the first and second time,

This third time they had to get you,

They had to get lucky as you!”,

I felt better and better,

I replied to myself,

“Yea.. let them have that chance too”,


After it all, I got a call,

I guided them all,

Back to saple mamas place at savarne,

Walking on the river bank,

I hit my toe, dank!

Through the dry grass and mud,

On the slopes wed run dud dud dud!

Keeping a track of everyone,

In an hour and a half we got done,

A warm welcome at saple mamas,

With suresh yummy lunch,

Loaded r hungry tummys,

With the food, we went for a toast,

Waved a warm goodbye to most,

On the journey back,

Deepa and I sat on the window,

Star gazing and plant too,

Caught a glimpse of naneghat too,

Sang through the journey,

And I thought how this trip could be a wonderful story,

As I counted the number of camps,

And how they got better and better,

I knew deep inside,

I wanted to go back,

Missing it already,

I had had the time of my life!


aakash said…
hats off to u man...really dun a grt job...
it was truely awsome!!
sahi huvi hein kavita...
Chitra said…
this was too good!
Krutika Chitre said…
superb..! :D your doing great stuff heena..all d best.. :D

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