An early memory!

Once I had gone for a picnic with my mum and 6 of her students of VJTI: 3 guys and 3 gals. We visited various places of Maharshtra like Ratnagiri, Malvan, Vengurla and many more. Back then, I was a senior kg kid. How can i ever forget what nonsense I did in Vengurla! Well.. my mum was cooking, the gals were putting kajal n the guys were having fun. I, being the only kid in there was bored and needed some attention. I never knew that needing attention could get so crazy. I took a little kajal and quietly put in on one guy's face! Still, No attention! Then i did it again! they started shouting at me. I said the gals told me to do so. And OMG!! A big fight began, which I can name it as the Kajal fight: Guys V/s Gals!! My mum started shouting at them! That was so hilarious and so much fun!! I always wished i could demonstrate this to people a number of times. I never thought a kid like me could doing something for attention and the result would be something of this sort! But in short, I had the time of my life!!


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