Cool it! Like never before!

An advertisement i wrote for school..

With temperatures soaring day by day, TESCO launches world class air conditioners, a solution to face this problem.
"A cool environment keeps your mind and soul cool," you've heard that and thus we bring you the latest models prepared by renowned researchers.
When you purchase TESCO air conditioners you benefit!
  • Cools upto 15 degrees even in extreme climate.
  • Purifies air targeting dust and bacteria.
  • Comes along with a built in air freshener.
  • Equipped with super wave, so every corner of your room is fresh and cool.
  • consumes less energy.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Available at reasonable costs.
  • A 2 year warranty for all parts.
  • Free servicing for 4 years.

These features shall help you keep cool like never before.
TESCO air conditioners are available in TESCO stores all over the United Kingdom.
For more information call on 1234 5678 or log o9n to


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