Holi...Oehh Rang de March!!

Holi..Holi..Holi.. When i think of this word, this day all I think of is:- Its when you have the time of your life! Playing all those naughty pranks! Spreading a rainbow across the earth with gulal and what not! What's what not?? - Well, the answer is eggs, Pepsodent toothpaste, Surf excel Powder, Canvas Shoe polish, oil paints, food stuffs and other naughty things!! Also irritating the passerby in your Gulli with balloons falling from your building terraces!! And finally on the verge of going to the police chowki! But thats not what Holi is all about! I truly wait for this day because its the time when everyone gathers together and enjoys!On the first day of we start with burning of the goddess Holika (actually she was an evil lady and so i wonder why people called her a goddess? But i got the answer later and it is: because she forced people to call her a Goddess) by burning hay! But that actually creates pollution! And then comes the worshiping of the Gods.Actually people start bursting balloons, wetting people three days before the first day of Holi itself! Specially in school! I remember the day in my school bus where Holi started months ago using the water from our water bottles! While are parents would think we've been drinking all that water!On the second day people start of with those naughty pranks, bursting of balloons which are full mushy, colour, surf excel, eggy water; filling faces with gulal and oil paints! Then goes pepsodent toothpaste in your hair making them minty! Finally the leftover balloons and colours goes on the passerby!But you do need to take safety measures while playing Holi! Make sure you don't throw balloons in anyone's eyes and preferably not from your terraces too because it could cause serious hurt to one's eye or head.So friends, do play Holi but with safety and make sure it is a memorable day in your life as well as in other's life.


Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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