*Beat the Mumbai's heat

Hello everyone!! It May and time for a new article. Well this month, I sat thinking and guess what clicked my mind? M for May and M for Mumbai Heat!!So Hi Mumbaikars? How is the "Beat the Mumbai Heat" going on?? I don't only mean Mumbaikars but everyone. It's so hot this May and it's all because of global warming. Due to the pollution the ozone layer which protects us from the sun's Ultra Violet (UV) Rays is slowly getting depleted. Thus, the earth's temperature is rising. Scientists say that because of this the ice and snow in antarctica and arctic could melt reulting in rise of the ocean level by 50 m. I'm serious! No kidding! It's true! And if this really happens are aamchi Mumbai will be submerged! Not a Mumbaikar?? Proud of your city and state?? Well actually all coastal areas will be underwater! Well, that's future. Lets think about our problem of the past that is the heat. Oh! That heat which has been annoying us for years! We have to solve it in the present. This is a short poem i wrote recently:
He's all wet!
Dripping with stinky sweat!
Its looks like raining!
His body's draining!
Oh! Do you remember when you have travelled in those BEST buses, Local trains and other public transport? It stinks there in summer!! Well, the other day while going for class in BEST, I heard one RJ Speaking on this issue! She said "There should be perfume bottles" and another caller said "There should be ACs". I totally agree with those two points.But what do we do for now? Wear light colour cotton clothes and avoid synthetic. Don't forget your sunglasses and caps or scarves!! When your at home and feeling icky sticky, use the sprinkler to spray cool rose water on your face! It feels cool and rose water also smoothens your skin. Do all this, just to best the Heat!!But there's some good news: Scientists said that the ozone layer is slowly recovering. Isn't that great??Well, Enjoy the heat and watch out for the next article next month!! Bye and Cya then!


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