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Logo: Moozicfreak and cherry blossoms.

So I started working on my logo sometime with my friend Liza but unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to use it anywhere. I also wanted to include something to do with me and I am grateful for her idea of including a caricature.

Sometime this year Kumar Ranjan commented that his sister Vina was an animator on my random post and I had a caricature ready. Finally things picked up pace a couple of days ago and Vina helped me have a logo finalised.

So heres me sharing, why each of the elements are a part of it,

Moozicfreak :
Happened back in 6th grade while I was looking for a screen name without my actual name in it and i loved music back then. Since musicfreak wasn't available, moozicfreak was the next best thing. Now if you google for it, you ll find a whole lot of pages on me. Its so unique unlike Heena Shah and continues to go along with me everywhere.

Cursive font of Moozicfreak :
Indicated the artist in me.

Yellow :
Obviously, because its my favourite colour since i was a baby.

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